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  • Welcome to ChronicScape

    Welcome to ChronicScape! We're a brand new server aiming to offer the best experience to you, our players. With your help we'll be able to grow ChronicScape into something more unique. Head over to the forums and introduce yourself or hop right into the game. Regards, ChronicScape Team
  • New Donation System! 04/12/19

    -updated Herblore shop
    -Lowered Pest control hp due to lack of player
    -Upped reward for Pest control.
    -Modified announcments in game
    -Iban staff added for 137500 gp at magicstore in the center of varrock
  • New Donation System! 04/12/19

    -Now you may purchase credits which will give you membership in game
    -50 credits for normal membership.
    -250 Credits for Super membership.
    -All credit purchases go towards your membership rank.
    -Weapons may be bought as well currently Godswords are 9.99 pounds, whips are 3.99 pounds
    -Coins may be purchased .99= 1mil // 1.98= 2mil // 4.99= 6mil // 9.99= 12mil // 14.99= 18mil
    You must purchase on our site using ::donate in game then when complete use ::claim in game to receive your items.
  • HighScores 25/11/19

    HighScores are now working.